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  2. The following regulations have been issued by Hoa Loi resort to ensure the safety, stability, and protection of the interests of customers (“Customers”). These regulations will be strictly enforced by the entire management team and staff of Hoa Loi resort. Customers are required to understand and comply with the General Regulations (“GR”) to ensure that they receive the best possible service experience at Hoa Loi resort.

  3. The GR may be amended and supplemented at any time by the decision of Hoa Loi resort to improve the quality of services and customer experiences and will be posted on the official website of Hoa Loi resort at Rules And Policies – Hòa Lợi Resort (


  5. Comply with the regulations of the State and Hoa Loi resort regarding ensuring room safety, disease prevention and control.

  6. All guests staying at the resort must carry valid identification documents in accordance with the Regulations of the Lodging Law.

  7. Pets are not allowed in the area of Hoa Loi resort.

  8. Smoking (including e-cigarettes) is only allowed in places with signs and/or outside balcony rooms. If violated, guests must pay a compensation fee for restoring, cleaning, and deodorizing equipment and utensils that smell bad, which is 2,000,000 VND for each time of violation at places where smoking is not allowed.

  9. Behave properly in public places: Respect the principle of serving first come, first served; Prioritize pregnant women, persons with disabilities, the elderly, and the weak; Do not make noise or shout; Do not put feet or legs on chairs and do not engage in other uncivilized actions in public areas; Manage children in public areas.

  10. Please store valuable items yourself. Hoa Loi resort is not legally responsible for any loss or damage to personal property of guests in case the guests do not comply with the regulations.

  11. When leaving the room, guests need to ensure that (i) all electrical appliances have been returned to their original condition; (ii) the room door has been safely locked; and (iii) do not give the room key to anyone else.

  12. Hoa Loi resort strictly prohibits cooking in the room. The use of electrical appliances in the room must be for the intended purpose.

  13. Do not bring outside food and/or drinks into Hoa Loi resort. If bringing outside food and drinks into Hoa Loi resort without notifying the Front Desk/Security of Hoa Loi resort for control/payment of additional service fees for Hoa Loi resort, a fee of 1,500,000 VND/time (but not exceeding 5kg) will be charged. Additionally, Hoa Loi resort will not be responsible for food safety and hygiene issues when guests use food and/or drinks that are not provided by Hoa Loi resort. Guests are requested to sign a “Waiver of Liability” when using food sources not provided by Hoa Loi resort, if requested by Hoa Loi resort.

  14. Do not bring any fruits or heavy-smelling food (durian, jackfruit, various kinds of fermented fish sauce, etc.) into the rooms of Hoa Loi resort.

  15. Firearms, chemicals, or explosives are not allowed in the Hoa Loi resort at any time.

  16. Guests are responsible for compensating for damage to any items or equipment in the room caused by the guest. The compensation amount for each item will be calculated based on the price of a new item in the market, and installation and transportation costs.

  17. Absolutely prohibited acts that violate the law within the Hoa Loi resort, including: gambling, prostitution, drug use, fighting, etc. Guests are fully responsible for Vietnamese law and Hoa Loi resort if they violate these rules.

  18. In the event of a visitor coming to visit a guest in the Hoa Loi resort, the guest should notify the Front Desk and leave the visitor’s identification documents at the Front Desk. If the visitor meets the guest in the room, it must be agreed upon by the guest staying and the guest staying must directly welcome the visitor to the room. For security reasons, visitors are not allowed in the guest’s room after 20:00. If the guest wants to invite visitors to stay overnight, the guest must register with the Front Desk of Hoa Loi resort and pay the prescribed accommodation fee.

  19. Please comply with the operating hours of the swimming pool on site (which may change depending on the weather and season). Guests using the pool before and after operating hours must ensure their own safety and health without any complaints against Hoa Loi resort. Hoa Loi resort will close the pool no later than 20:00 to avoid regrettable accidents for guests. Please do not use the pool from 20:00 to 5:00.

  20. Beach area: Guests are kindly requested to swim in the designated areas and not to swim in areas with warning signs. Swimming is not allowed from 18:30 to 5:30. During this time, Hòa Lợi resort does not have any security or rescue staff. Guests are fully responsible for their own safety and health, and Hòa Lợi resort shall not be held responsible for any complaints if guests swim outside of this time period intentionally.

  21. Please wear appropriate attire when in the common areas of Hòa Lợi resort, especially in public areas such as the lobby and restaurants, to show respect for other cultures. Guests are not allowed to be nude, including children.

  22. Follow other procedures as required by Hòa Lợi resort and local authorities at each specific time (if any).

  23. Hòa Lợi resort management may require guests who intentionally ignore and violate the regulations and rules of Hòa Lợi resort to leave the resort without any refund.

  24. Noise regulations: Guests are not allowed to bring their own sound systems or speakers with dimensions of 20x20x20 cm or larger to the resort. After 21:30, the volume of the TV should not be too loud to affect others. Loud music or talking is not allowed to ensure general order. Noise is considered excessive if other guests of Hòa Lợi resort feel disturbed or uncomfortable.

  25. Opening hours: Hòa Lợi resort is a resort that only serves from 6:30 to 21:30 every day. Hòa Lợi resort will not serve outside of these hours.

  26. Cancellation policy: Services booked at Hòa Lợi resort cannot be cancelled for any reason.

  27. Check-in time is from 14:00 to 20:00 and check-out time is from 6:00 to 12:00 (depending on room availability). Guests who check in early or check out late outside of these times will be charged an extra fee according to Hòa Lợi resort’s policy.

  28. Follow other procedures as required by Hòa Lợi resort at each specific time (if any).

Hoa Loi resort sincerely thanks its guests.

For more information about rules and policies, please call Hotline + zalo: 0866846660-0919349480
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