Rules and policies


In order for us to serve you the best.
To ensure food safety, maintain general hygiene, and ensure the common interests of all customers using Hoa Loi resort’s services.
Please read carefully and comply with the rules and policies below to have a happy and happy holiday at Hoa Loi resort with your loved ones.
  • TIME OF STAY – Check-in & Check-out / CHECK IN & CHECK OUT TIME

-Check-in time is from 14:00-20:30 and check-out time is before 12:00 noon.
-Late check-out and early check-in (subject to room availability): The resort will surcharge the room rate as follows:
-Additional charge of 100% of room rate if guests want to check in before 6:00 am
-Additional charge of 50% room rate if guests want to check in from 6:00am – 14:00pm
-Additional charge of 30% of room rate if guests want to check out until 15:00 pm
-Additional charge of 50% room rate if guests want to check out until 17:00 pm
-Additional charge of 100% room rate if guests want to check out after 18:00 pm
Surcharge for occupants in the same room EXCEED THE BOOKED STANDARD
Surcharge for people sharing a bedroom sharing a bed with relatives.
Children from 7-14 years old sharing a bed with relatives are 250,000 VND / 1 child. From 14 years old is considered as an adult.
Under 6 years old free of charge 1 child for 1 room. From 2 children will be charged a surcharge of 250,000 VND / 1 child.

Breakfast time is free   from 7am to 9am outside of the above hours, we will charge breakfast.

You deposit 50% of the total service after receiving confirmation from Hoa Loi resort and pay in full before guests check-in.
Other costs you pay before check-out.
We do not accept card payments.
Any transfer is considered complete only when the amount has been transferred to our account and vice versa…

All bookings at Hoa Loi resort are non-cancellable and can be rescheduled for 7 days prior to check-in. After 7 days from the date of check-in, the date will not be rescheduled…
Please pay the full amount according to the number of rooms and time booked.
The resort will not refund for any cases:
+ Guests stay shorter than the booked time.
+ Not using the correct number of rooms booked.

To ensure food safety for you, we DO NOT RECOMMEND you to bring drinks and food to Hoa Loi resort. At Hoa Loi resort we have a full range of services ready to serve you.
In case you intentionally bring drinks and food into the premises of Hoa Loi resort, you will be responsible for food safety and we will charge you as follows:
Wine 200,000 VND 1 liter
Beer capacity 330ml 10,000 VND / 1 can
Bottled water 10,000 VND / 1 bottle
Carbonated water 10,000 VND / 1 bottle
Fruit 100,000 VND / 1 kg
Cooked food 300,000 VND / 1 kg
Raw food 200,000 VND/1kg
For other items, please contact Hotline for advice.

We will serve you dining on the first floor of the restaurant. Cafe on the 2nd floor of the restaurant.
For the sake of general hygiene, we strictly forbid guests to bring food or drinks to the accommodation area without the resort’s permission. In case you intentionally, we will fine the first time is 2 million, the second time is 4 million. The third time fined 8 million and invited you to leave the resort.
If you have a need for a private space, beautiful and poetic view, please Hotline + zalo: 0866846660-0919349480   to reserve the seat service at your request.

All equipment, furniture and decorations in the room before handing over the room to you have been carefully checked by the inspection department of Hoa Loi resort before handing over the room to you.
In case you accidentally or intentionally damage equipment, furniture, decorations of Hoa Loi resort, you will have to compensate for the damage. Compensation is the current market value.

Hoa Loi resort is a resort to serve the needs of food, accommodation and relaxation. Therefore, all audio equipment brought to Hoa Loi resort must be approved by Hoa Loi resort. In case you have a need to open the sound, it must be allowed by Hoa Loi resort and must not affect other guests.
With the aim for all guests to Hoa Loi resort to have a happy and relaxing vacation with their loved ones. Therefore, we issue rules and policies for you to know before coming to Hoa Loi resort. We sincerely thank you!
Wishing you a happy and relaxing holiday with your loved ones!
For more information about rules and policies, please call Hotline + zalo: 0866846660-0919349480
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