Hòa Lợi resort Sồng Cầu Phú Yên với đầy đủ tiện ích và hiện đại




Bungalaw Hoa Loi resort has dozens of apartments located along the beach. From the room, guests can sit and watch the waves caress the sand or enjoy the fresh cool breeze blowing from the East Sea.

All Bugalaws have 100% sea view. Therefore, visitors will enjoy the panoramic view of the East Sea to the horizon according to different time frames and different seasons.

The entire garden space of Hoa Loi resort is planted with native flowers and trees to help visitors live in the scenery of the coastal countryside of Vietnam.

Bugalaw Hoa Loi resort is very nicely designed

Bugalaw Hoa Loi looks from the outside based on the shape of a lotus flower, a symbol of Vietnam, combined with the shape of a fisherman’s boat in the sea.

Looking from the inside, visitors feel like they are living in the belly of a shark, so visitors will feel special, luxurious, sophisticated and spacious.

The Bungalow Hoa Loi resort is made of environmentally friendly materials.

Bungalaw Hoa Loi resort is roofed with palm leaves. This is a type of leaf taken from the ATK resistance capital area. Where Uncle Ho used to live in a bamboo house roofed with palm leaves during the war years.

Palm leaves are very suitable for the harsh climate of the central region, cool in summer and warm in winter, reducing the noise of waves and howling wind.

The benefits when tourists choose Hoa Loi resort

  • Bugalaw Hoa Loi resort are separate apartments, with private garden space.
    Owning a bugalaw apartment with a very large and airy area, located right next to the sea edge (beautiful sea view).
  • You completely own a separate quiet space without being affected by the surrounding.
  • With a very cheap room rate, you can own a separate apartment (like a mini villa) with all amenities.
  • The perfect place for you and your loved ones to have an enjoyable vacation.

– Welcome the early morning light from the bed with Beachfront Bungalow. – Beachfront Bungalow is a room next to the sea, less than 5 steps from the beach. Where you will be greeted early dawn and the view of the blue East Sea far to the horizon is captured in the door frame of….

From the room, you can see the whole blue ocean and receive the cool salty breezes with the smell of sea salt blowing in from the sea along with the murmuring waves. Here you can return to your own heart away from the hustle and bustle of the streets and the stresses of daily work…..

 Located close to the sea, you just need to open the curtain and the whole sparkling blue ocean will shine into your room. A panoramic view of the peaceful and cool East Sea. Where you will receive the first light and cool breezes right from the bed. Where you will experience the fishing scene of….

Shaded by a green coconut garden, with a view of a part of the clear blue ocean, where you can enjoy the gentle sea breezes interspersed with the cool breath of the poplar forest and the whispering waves on the beach. . Bungalow with sea view for 2 people Room 45 m2 Japanese king bed size….

Nestled in the coconut garden and green poplar forest. Just open the door and the waves stroking the white sand appear before your eyes. Lying on a super soft 3x2m Japanese bed and receiving the fresh cool breeze and the sound of waves crashing, you will feel the peaceful and poetic wild space that is….

Wooden villas. Not far from the beach, this is the place to admire the breathtaking view of the green Cu Lao Island and the East Sea far into the horizon. With architecture imbued with the national identity of the Northwest region. Villa has 7 spacious and airy rooms. With private space with private swimming pool…..

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