Booking guide

Booking directly on the website of Hoa Loi resort is always the cheapest price, the most preferential price.
To “Book a room” directly on the website of Hoa Loi resort, please follow the instructions below:
1- Visit website:
2- Select the “Book now page
3- View room types
4- What type of room you want to book, choose “SEE MORE”
5- Pick “BOOK NOW”
6- Please fill in all information according to the content boxes. In case you need to book more services, please write in the “Note” box, then pick the “BOOK” button.
7- After we receive your booking request, the system will resend the booking confirmation to your gmail or zalo.
8- Within 10 hours, please transfer the deposit according to the amount to our account number listed on your booking confirmation.
9- The reservation is confirmed as successful after we receive your deposit within the specified time.
10- You save the booking confirmation and pay the remaining amount when checking in at the front desk.
Thank you for trusting and choosing our service.

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