– Welcome the early morning light from the bed with Beachfront Bungalow. – Beachfront Bungalow is a room next to the sea, less than 5 steps from the beach. Where you will be greeted early dawn and the view of the blue East Sea far to the horizon is captured in the door frame of….

From the room, you can see the whole blue ocean and receive the cool salty breezes with the smell of sea salt blowing in from the sea along with the murmuring waves. Here you can return to your own heart away from the hustle and bustle of the streets and the stresses of daily work…..

 Located close to the sea, you just need to open the curtain and the whole sparkling blue ocean will shine into your room. A panoramic view of the peaceful and cool East Sea. Where you will receive the first light and cool breezes right from the bed. Where you will experience the fishing scene of….

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