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The value of the Hoa Loi peninsula resort that few people know about is the integrity of the wild and poetic beauty, where there is only the arrangement of the hand of the creator with little or no human encroachment. Therefore, 100% of the pure beauty of Hoa Loi peninsula resort will help you fully enjoy. Before the high-rise buildings come, you have to take advantage of these paradise. When coming to Hoa Loi resort, tourists can also visit islands such as Cu Lao Xanh, Hon Nang, Dam Cu Mong, rocky rapids.

Things you do not know about this place.

– There are a lot of rocks with many strange shapes that you can check-in in a mysterious way. – Go fishing with fishermen or camp overnight on a romantic sea, isolated from the noisy metropolis you often see. – Fishing, catching crabs and snails, catching coral and many other things will attract you and your family with rare experiences nowadays.

Phu Yen plate rock rapids

Disc rock rapids

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đảo cù lao xanh

Green island

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Visit the rocky rapids on the sea

  • Visit the rocky rapids by boat on the sea
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Hon Nang island

  • Hon Nang island
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