Hoa Loi resort

Hoa Loi resort

1 – Hoa Loi resort is a combination of resort tourism and island-to-spiritual visits.  

2 – Hoa Loi resort is a place where you can dive to see coral reefs, fish, climb mountains, organize events.
3 – Hoa Loi resort has a quiet, wild and romantic space.
Hoa Loi resort is the place where tourists can see the earliest sunrise.
Hoa Loi resort is located in the center of the delicious, fresh and cheapest seafood area in Vietnam.
Hoa Loi resort owns a prime location with 3 sides facing the sea, beautiful beach that can swim all year round and pristine.
– Diversified service, friendly and caring staff.
 Airport shuttle service.
Hoa Loi resort always has the cheapest service price.

10- Hoa Loi Resort is located at Tu Nham Beach, with 3 sides bordered by the East Sea, Cu Mong Lagoon with views of the East Sea, Quy Nhon Bay and Cu Lao Xanh Island, an international maritime route.

11. Hoa Loi resort is a place to combine resort tourism and island sightseeing with spirituality. When coming to Hoa Loi Resort, visitors will visit Cu Lao Xanh island, Hon Nang island towards spiritual tourism where there is a very sacred “pray for something” temple established by King Gia Long in 1806. The island has tens of thousands of wild birds.

12. Hoa Loi resort is a place where visitors can snorkel, watch coral, fish, rock climbing, organize events.

– Join to experience the ecosystem of the seabed with coral reefs and colorful fish swarming.

– For honeymooners, this is the ideal place for a honeymoon or an ideal wedding photography place.

– For travelers who have a passion for fishing, this is the best place to combine tourism and sea fishing.

– For tourists who like to go mountain climbing, this is a place where visitors can take pictures all day without getting tired.

– For young people who like to travel or set up a pick nick camping tent, this is the ideal place to fulfill their dreams.

– Here you can organize events such as class meetings, sports, entertainment, wedding parties, birthday parties, seminars on sandstone or sandy beaches in a romantic space. gorgeous etc …

– Unique location, so the space is very peaceful, relaxing and quiet, so for stressed workers who are often stressed or those suffering from depression and difficulty sleeping, this is the best quiet place. to regain balance to the body.

13- The place where tourists can watch the earliest sunrise.

Which is coordinates of 13 degrees 31 minutes 40 seconds North latitude and 109 degrees 18 minutes 14 seconds East longitude, so the difference from Dien cape to the East to watch sunrise at sea is negligible. If you like to watch the sunrise in the morning, this is one of the earliest and most convenient places to watch the sunrise on the sea.

Hoa Loi resort

Hoa Loi resort

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